BERD@NFDI is a project funded by the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI). It aims to develop a service that automatically extracts factual information from scientific publications. This extracted information can then be used to improve the findability and accessibility of scientific research data. By automatically extracting key information from research papers, BERD@NFDI can significantly enhance the discoverability of valuable scientific data.

BERD@NFDI website


MOVING (Multilingual Online Video Indexing and Exploration) is a European project that developed an innovative training platform designed to empower individuals from various sectors (companies, universities, public administration) to significantly improve their information literacy skills. The platform focuses on training users to effectively utilize, select, analyze, and evaluate data/text mining methods relevant to their daily research tasks.

**Vision:** The MOVING project envisions a society equipped with data-savvy information professionals capable of harnessing the power of information for innovation. By fostering widespread information literacy education, the project aims to bolster the innovative capacity of European society.

**Challenges Addressed:** The project tackles the challenge of information overload faced by individuals in today's internet-driven world. MOVING equips users with the technical and social skills needed to effectively organize, filter, and utilize information in a sustainable and efficient manner. The project recognizes that access to information is not the primary hurdle; rather, the ability to manage information professionally is the key challenge in the current knowledge society.

**Importance:** Understanding, applying, and developing data mining strategies are fundamental skills in today's world. These skills determine a society's ability to exploit the vast amount of data generated and drive innovation. Information management has become a core competency in the modern workforce.

**MOVING Platform:** To achieve its goals, the MOVING project developed an open-source training platform named "MOVING." This platform offers two key functionalities:

  • **Working Environment:** MOVING provides a space for users from diverse backgrounds (science, public administration, business) to analyze and evaluate large text collections and freely available online content using data mining methods.
  • **Training Environment:** The platform offers a comprehensive learning environment with information, training resources, and opportunities for exchange in the broad field of digital information management.

The unique combination of technical applications and curriculum distinguishes the MOVING platform and contributes to its effectiveness as a long-term training solution.

MOVING project website

EduArc: Digitale Bildungsarchitekturen (Digital Educational Architectures)

EduArc is a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The project's objective was to develop a platform for harvesting, indexing, and storing Open Educational Resources (OERs). These OERs are then made readily accessible for educators and learners to utilize and reuse. EduArc empowers educators and learners by simplifying access to valuable educational resources.

EduArc project website (German)